• What does post-closing liquidity mean? How is it calculated? Do you consider the cash that is held as collateral in your post-closing liquidity calculation? If not, why not and if so why so? Why is post-closing liquidity important? Is post-closing liquidity something our non-US investors look at on their due diligence form?

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    Post-closing liquidity is the liquid cash held by the borrower after a loan has closed. You calculate it by taking all the liquid cash minus the closing costs and equity for the loan. Yes, you take that cash into account the cash that is held as collateral in your post-closing liquidity calculation because cash collateral is one of the ways we keep post-closing liquidity for things like tax payments. Post-closing liquidity is important to gauge the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. Yes, the non-US investors look at the post-closing liquidity on their due-diligence form.

  • Where on our website can we find information for brokers? Provide the exact link to the pricing sheets and the initial documents they must provide for pre-screening.

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    https://avanacapital.com//brokers/. Under section “Forms & Pricing Sheets,” click on the “Wholesale Program” and “Prescreen Documents” to find the pricing sheets and prescreen documents, respectively.

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