Top 5 Biogas Project Financing Companies

  • October 21, 2020

Sustainability projects are a growing trend in the United States. Thanks to the decreasing cost of sustainable technology, more companies are able to invest in numerous types of projects. Among the various renewable energy projects out there, a rising trend to keep an eye on is anaerobic projects.

In March 2020, there were 255 operational anaerobic digester projects on livestock farms throughout the United States. With another 33 projects undergoing construction, it remains clear that the biogas trend is here to stay. As this niche part of the renewable energy industry expands, more investment opportunities begin to emerge.

When looking to invest in an anaerobic digester project, one of your first steps will be managing project costs. Finding the appropriate project financing solution is necessary to get started.

Keep reading to learn about the following top biogas project financing companies and what they can offer your project.

Top Anaerobic Digester Project Financing Companies

AVANA Capital

AVANA Capital’s mission is to create job growth and support clean energy development. With this in mind, AVANA’s team has spent the past two decades helping small businesses achieve their goals with individualized financing solutions.

Clients benefit from flexible biogas project financing options when partnering with AVANA Capital. Throughout the lending process, the expert lenders at AVANA Capital develop a comprehensive understanding of your project. Then, the biogas financing team creates a customized loan that meets your specific financing needs.

One common option that renewable energy clients benefit from is AVANA Capital’s construction loan. A construction loan provides clients with the funding they need to cover a project’s construction and equipment costs.

In the end, AVANA Capital is dedicated to contributing to projects that add value to the community. This passion is what makes AVANA one of the top anaerobic digester project financing companies in the nation.


Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Generate Capital

Generate Capital is an anaerobic digester financing company located in San Francisco, California. The financing firm has partnered with various technology companies to pioneer emerging technology, such as battery storage and energy efficiency.

At Generate Capital, the team focuses on providing project developers with the resources they need in a timely manner. The firm has experience in providing multiple types of equity and credit capital.

In addition, Generate Capital also offers strategic support for project development clients who need business development or customer acquisition assistance.

Some of the types of organizations that Generate Capital has worked with include cities and campuses and enterprises of varying size.


Phone: (415) 360-3063

Live Oak Bank

The team at Live Oak Bank is passionate about becoming America’s small business bank. The financing company offers clients financing solutions that range from borrowing loans to saving money.

With an understanding of the industry, the bioenergy lending team at Live Oak provides project-level financing for project developers. These financing solutions allow clients to build, renovate or acquire renewable energy systems.

Additionally, Live Oak uses several loan programs to extend project-level to permanent loan financing for waste-to-energy technologies including anaerobic digesters.


Phone: (910) 777-5738


Crestmark’s team has specialized financing solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. Recently, the financing company has shifted its focus to creating alternative energy solutions.

Crestmark understands the unique needs of businesses in growth industries including solar, wind, biomass and more. As a result, the company is able to provide commercial funding arrangements for businesses across the country.

Some of the financing solutions that Crestmark has experience in include sale-leaseback, USDA Rural Energy For America Program (REAP) and vendor lease solutions.


Phone: (704) 608-8483

East West Bank

The team at East West Bank works with clients on personal, business and commercial financing solutions. Additionally, the bank has experience in creating commercial-scale renewable energy financing solutions.

East West Bank partners with small to mid-size utility-scale renewable energy projects. These projects range from solar installation to waste management efforts.

The services and products that East Bank provides renewable energy clients include interest rate swap facilities, foreign exchange, and global transactions.


Phone: (888) 761-3967