Top 5 Hotel Financing Companies in Atlanta

  • June 19, 2020

Georgia is a bustling hub for hospitality. For this reason, it’s no surprise that its capital city, Atlanta, boasts its ability to draw in tourists and business travelers alike. As a hotspot for hospitality business growth, Atlanta is the perfect spot to start or expand your hotel brand. However, the first step in any successful hospitality project is to acquire the appropriate funding. Understanding the types of loans available to you, and where you can apply for them is crucial. Consider partnering with one of the following top hotel financing companies in Atlanta to locate a suitable lender.

Top Hotel Financing Companies in Atlanta

AVANA Capital

The team at AVANA Capital utilizes over 18 years of experience in partnering with small businesses across the nation. With an overall goal of supporting economic growth in communities, AVANA dedicates its focus to working with niche industries. When working with clients who want to know how to finance a hotel, AVANA first ensures its team understands the needs and vision of the client’s project. Then, with those needs in mind, AVANA Capital can help clients choose the right commercial loan. AVANA’s team uses its expertise in the hospitality industry to provide clients with flexible loan structures. For example, AVANA’s commercial construction loan is specifically built for those looking to expand business through construction efforts, such as building a new hotel location. This is a short-term loan that requires interest payments for the first two years. Therefore, borrowers have ample time to earn a profit before their principal payment is due. A long-term loan option with AVANA Capital is its SBA 504 loan. This loan option is ideal for clients who are looking to buy commercial real estate property and necessary project equipment. Additionally, this loan has a long-term repayment schedule with a fixed interest rate to allow clients to grow their business while still making reasonable loan payments. In the end, thanks to the hands-on approach that AVANA Capital brings to each unique client, it is known as one of the top hotel financing companies in Atlanta. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Stonehill Strategic Capital

Stonehill Strategic Capital is a direct hotel loan lender located in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting in 2013, the hotel financing company has been providing clients with creative solutions to their hospitality financing needs. Clients can choose from several loan programs offered by Stonehill. For example, clients with a pre-existing hospitality brand can consider the lender’s permanent loan program. With the hotel financing company, a permanent loan program is for clients with a premium-brand hotel that has cash flow but wishes to expand that success. Website: Phone: (713) 666-2544

HALL Structured Finance

HALL Structured Finance is a non-bank hospitality lender in Dallas, Texas. With experience partnering with hospitality projects across the nation, the financing company has an intimate knowledge of the hotel industry. In addition to its construction lending services, HALL offers a loan program designed for hotel projects. This loan program is beneficial for clients looking to finance an acquisition, recapitalization, or other project scenarios. Website: Phone: (214) 269-9540

Access Point Financial

The team at Access Point Financial has a specialized focus on working with clients in the hotel industry. The hotel financing company offers full-service lending and advisory assistance to both major hotel brands and boutique hotel brands. In the past, Access Point Financial has provided solutions to clients with underperforming assets. Within 24 months, those clients were able to benefit from project stabilization thanks to the hotel financing company’s loan. Website: Phone: (404) 382-9599

Flipside Capital

With an emphasis on achieving client satisfaction, Flipside Capital’s team partners with big and small hotel businesses across the nation. The hotel financing company’s portfolio has numerous products a client can choose from to gain capital for their company. Some of the financing options that Flipside offers include commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, and SBA financing loans. Website: Phone: (844) 372-5363

Identify Ideal Financing For Your Hospitality Project

By and large, finding the right financing solution for your hotel project beings with an in-depth understanding of your project’s needs. Are you performing renovations to your hotel property? Or are you looking to make a time-sensitive purchase of a new property? Once you know what your project goals are, you can better understand what financing solution is right for you. Therefore, you are more than ready to partner with one of these top hotel financing companies in Atlanta. Related Articles: