Top 5 Hotel Financing Companies in Houston

  • June 19, 2020

Growing your hospitality business is essential to maintain success as a company. Whether your hotel project is construction, purchasing, repositioning, or otherwise, you need the right financing. While financing your hospitality project may be complex, you don’t have to undertake this process alone. To help guide your hospitality financing choices, we’ve listed the top 5 hotel financing companies in Houston.

Top 5 Hotel Financing Companies in Houston, TX

AVANA Capital

For over 15 years, AVANA Capital has been one of the leading hotel lending companies in the nation. The team at this hotel financing company recognizes your success is also their success. AVANA Capital’s team of industry experts has 65 years of combined experience in hotel lending and financing. This team will work with you on every step of your hotel financing to make sure you are well educated. AVANA Capital ensures that you are well prepared when choosing the right loan product for your unique needs. Once you have identified the loan you’re best-qualified for, AVANA Capital’s team will guide you. Its team takes you through the process of underwriting through closing the loan. AVANA Capital’s loan closing process is a unique one. To clarify, this closing process uses a quick and timely funding timeline to meet your needs best. Overall, AVANA Capital has a variety of financing programs available to help you. With the promise of flexibility, the team at AVANA Capital will adapt any loan structure to work with your needs and capabilities. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Direct Commercial Funding Inc.

Listed as one of the world’s largest commercial financing lenders, Direct Commercial Funding Inc. provides funding solutions to companies across the country. In addition to hospitality financing, Direct Commercial Funding Inc. also offers loan programs such as commercial land acquisition loans. The hotel financing company promises a quick response when filling out their online loan request form. In fact, you are guaranteed a quote within one business day of submitting your form. Direct Commercial Funding Inc. dedicates itself to providing its clients with one of the highest Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios on the market. Overall, thanks to the hotel financing company funding the loans itself, there is flexibility available to meet a client’s unique situation. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 293-7933

TRC Capital Partners, LLC

TRC Capital Partners is a Houston-based, privately held development and investment firm. In its 25 years of experience, TRC Capital Partners has invested in both private and institutional capital with a total value of over $1.4 billion. The hotel financing company’s portfolio includes past projects in hospitality that equal out to $700 million in overall value. TRC Capital Partners works to identify and improve a company’s total value. Thus, as each year passes, the staff at TRC Capital Partners continue to add to their value-oriented strategy. Website: Phone: (713) 266-1899

Noble Mortgage & Investments

Noble Mortgage & Investments has been lending to its clients in Texas since 2003. The hospitality financing company provides a variety of loans to meet the unique needs of its clients. To elaborate, Noble Mortgage & Investments provides programs such as its Residential Hard Money Loan as well as its Commercial Conventional Loan. Each loan with Noble Mortgage & Investments is structured to meet various project goals, such as the purchase of distressed property, as well as the refinance of a commercial real estate property, as long-term investments. Website: Phone: (713) 680-8100

Ascentium Capital

From local to national brands, Ascentium Capital has worked with numerous companies to help them achieve their hotel financing goals. Ascentium Capital promises clients a fast, flexible hospitality financing option. The hotel financing company structures its financing options so that clients can grow their hotel businesses, complete brand projects, and more. Additionally, the hotel financing company returns with credit decisions in as little as two hours. Ascentium Capital also offers clients low-to-no upfront costs and deferred payment options if necessary. In the end, the motivated team at Ascentium Capital works to further your hospitality project’s success. Website: Phone: (800) 785-3060

Finance Your Hospitality Project the Right Way

Identifying which of the top 5 hotel financing companies in Houston is best for you depends on your hospitality project’s needs. Understanding what you may require your funding for can help makes the overall hotel financing process smoother. To make the best decision for your company, consider what your needs are and see which of these top 5 hotel financing companies in Houston meets those needs the best.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the hotel financing companies in Houston. Do you know of a hospitality financing company that should be included?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at AVANA Capital and let us know!