Top 5 Hotel Financing Companies in Philadelphia

  • June 19, 2020

When planning a hospitality project in the City of Brotherly Love, finding the right funding is critical. After all, getting any project off the ground can be a challenge without the necessary funding. Thus, understanding how you can finance a hotel is one of the first steps towards finding financial support. Some of those steps include outlining the needs of your project, its timeline, and, most importantly, assessing various hospitality loans and how well they might support you. Once you’ve located a loan that can support your project, you can then prepare a proposal to a lender to obtain that loan. Nevertheless, finding an ideal lender amongst the hotel financing companies in Philadelphia should come first. Then, when you write your proposal, you can ensure that it is concise in scope. Essentially, you want a proposal that focuses on obtaining your ideal loan as well as meeting the expectations of your preferred lender. To help you obtain financial support for your hotel project, we have compiled the following list of top hotel financing companies in Philadelphia for you to consider.

Top Hotel Financing Companies in Philadelphia

AVANA Capital

The team at AVANA Capital has spent nearly two decades partnering with small businesses across a variety of industries. By utilizing this experience, AVANA has developed a unique hotel financing process for its clients. First, AVANA’s team works with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their project. Then, with the project needs and expectations in mind, AVANA’s hospitality experts guide clients through the financing process. A flexible financing option that clients choose is the construction loan. Construction loans are lucrative because the borrower only pays interest on the first two years, giving them ample time to complete the project before monthly payments are required. Contact AVANA Capital to learn more about your loan options, and start funding your hotel project. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Largo Hospitality Finance Group

Largo Capital Limited is a commercial mortgage banking company that works with clients across the United States and Canada. One of the sectors that Largo focuses on is hospitality. As a hotel financing company, Largo Hospitality Finance offers competitive financing solutions to hoteliers across the country. Past clients of the hotel financing company include limited, select, and full-service major hotel chains as well as boutique and independent hotel chains. Website: Phone: (267) 453-3636

Direct Mortgage Loan Company

The Philadelphia team at Direct Mortgage Loan Company specializes in bridge financing options with fixed-rates. Direct Mortgage Loan Company goes out of its way to serve its clients. Team members meet clients on-site to build working relationships and conduct an analysis of value. Then, the experts at Direct perform an in-house value analysis to provide personalized client solutions. Website: Phone: (215) 844-1200

Davis Hotel Capital

Davis Hotel has worked with numerous commercial real estate clients to find financing solutions for challenging projects. Clients with the hotel financing company can utilize investment and financing services for commercial real estate projects. For example, Davis Hotel has experience with clients in need of equity capital, resort investment, or hotel purchasing loans. Website: Phone: (720) 289-4513

GUD Capital

GUD Capital’s team of funding specialists understands that customer experience is a top priority in the hospitality industry. Thus, the hotel financing company offers a variety of loans with differing terms, and funding amounts to meet any given client’s needs. Whether a client is looking to purchase a franchised hotel or refinance current debt, GUD Capital is prepared to find the right solution. Website: Phone: (866) 526-0238

Expand Your Hospitality Business With the Right Funding

By and large, locating the right hotel financing company depends on you first determining your needs. Are you looking to construct an entirely new hotel branch? Or, are you in need of financing for renovations to an existing hotel building? Once you have an understanding of what your project needs are, you are prepared to find the right financing solution. Additionally, you can easily partner with one of these top hotel financing companies in Philadelphia for a streamlined process. Related Articles: