Best 20 Commercial Real Estate Investing Blog of 2019

  • September 18, 2019

The methods that we use today to consume news are widely different from yesteryear. In 2017, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 43% of all Americans responded that they got their news online. With this in mind, it’s important to evolve with the times to receive the best up-to-date commercial real estate information to make sound business decisions. Start making the most educated investing decisions with information from a reliable real estate investing blog. With these tools, you can learn about a wide variety of investing topics that will boost your economic success and drive meaningful business results. With this said, consider subscribing to one of these top real estate investing blogs in 2019.

Best 20 Commercial Real Estate Investing Blogs for 2019

1.AVANA Capital

AVANA Capital’s real estate investing blog provides insight into the current market from an expert viewpoint. This reader-friendly blog is perfect for new and seasoned investors alike! With a mission to assist those in niche industries, AVANA Capital publishes in-depth content that delves beneath the surface on unique topics. These topics include things such as renewable energy, hospitality, senior care projects, and much more! Blog:


Manage your portfolio and learn industry tips and tricks with REtipster’s real estate investing blog. REtipster is managed and maintained by industry expert Seth Williams. With more than a decade of experience, Williams provides valuable real-world real estate guidance. Blog:

3. Think Realty

Think Realty is dedicated to helping its clients succeed in their real estate investments. Following this goal, their blog provides readers with the information they need to get started on the road to success—perfect for new and experienced professionals! Blog:

4. The Broker List

The BrokerList is unique in that it has a multitude of authors contributing to its blog posts. Thanks to this, there are a variety of topics covered as well as a frequent posting schedule. With each post coming from an expert in CRE, readers stay informed on the latest news and strategies in real estate investments. Blog:


Similarly to The Broker List, SIOR Pulse publishes content from a diverse group of authors. In this regard, their posts cover several industries as well as geographical market news. Blog:

6. Norada Real Estate Investing Blog

The Norada Real Estate Investing Blog is an investing blog maintained by real estate expert and Norada Real Estate founder Marco Santarelli. With his hands-on experience, Santarelli shares commercial real estate news and skillful advice on investment plans. Blog:

7. Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul’s blog, also known as the knowledge center, posts current news on commercial and residential real estate news. User-friendly navigation makes it easy to browse various in-depth guides and static real estate information. Blog:

8. Than Merrill

Even if you aren’t an investor, you may have heard of Than Merrill! After playing in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he discovered another passion in real estate investments. With over 15 years of experience in real estate investing, Than Merrill provides a unique perspective for his readers. Along with his blog, he also hosts a real estate class. Blog:

9. The Investor

For readers who want information on their local market, The Investor blog is a great place to start! The Investor is an international resource with exhaustive information on the American and Asian Pacific markets. Even more, the real estate investment blog publishes industry-standard research and hot take opinions from international experts. Blog:

10. Afford Anything

The Afford Anything blog is an investment and lifestyle blog founded by author Paula Pant. Pant found her financial independence through real estate investments. For this reason, she is inspired to share her knowledge with her audience through conversational blogs about finance and lifestyle. Blog:

11. Michael Blank

Michael Blank combines written and video pieces to create a well-rounded blog for those interested in investing in multifamily real estate. Blog:

12. Ideal REI

Ideal REI is an easy read for unconventional readers. Author Eric Bowling provides his personal opinions in a multitude of conversational pieces about the industry for new investors. Blog:

13. Just Ask Ben Why

Just Ask Ben Why is a blog run by Ben Leybovich, who discovered his interest in investing after being diagnosed with MS. Now, he shares advice based on his life experiences with his readers so they can succeed as he has. With Ben Leybovich’s experience building a multi-million-dollar real estate empire, he guides his readers to what led to his success. Blog:

14. Real Crowd

Take action and make investments with confidence with the Real Crowd real estate investing blog. Learn about the simple ownership process and more at Real Crowd! Blog:

15. National Real Estate Investors Group

The NREI Group is a network of experienced real estate investors across the United States. The network of professionals publish diversified content across all sectors with the mission to improve local communities nationwide. The blog provides advanced and practical advice like How to Name Your Real Estate Business. Blog:

16. Origin Investments

Make smarter real estate investing decisions with Origin Investments real estate blog. As a top-ranking real estate firm, Origin Investments presents streamlined ways to manage investments. Uniquely, Origin Investments also posts informative videos to discuss recent and detailed topics. Blog:

17. RealData

RealData provides analysis software for both commercial and residential investment properties and other projects. It strives to provide real-world, comprehensive solutions and information on factors to consider when investing. Blog:

18. Jake & Gino

The Jake & Gino real estate investing blog evolved from a conversation between two friends to a budding real estate investment business. As experts in multifamily real estate, Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro give their readers straightforward investing advice backed by their experience in the industry. Blog:

19. Louisville Gals Real Estate

The Louisville Gals Real Estate is a personal blog run by entrepreneur Sharon Vornholt. Through her blog, Vornholt shares valuable information to inspire readers to achieve their investing and financial goals. Blog:

20. How to Buy USA Real Estate

How to Buy USA Real Estate is a real estate blog run by co-partners and internationally- recognized brokers Karin Rosarne and Larry Arth. The majority of Rosarne and Arth’s content is global-focused. In addition, they provide insightful information about the Florida market. Blog:

Looking for more information after checking out the above real estate investing blogs? Reach out to AVANA Capital today and one of their expert team members can help you get the most out of your investments.