Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in Phoenix

  • June 19, 2020

In Phoenix, Arizona, the solar industry continues its steady growth! Known as Arizona’s “Valley of the Sun,” Phoenix sees over 300 days of sunshine a year. So, it only makes sense that the city is one of the best to start investing in solar. Nevertheless, before you dive into the world of solar energy, it is important to secure the right financing for your project. Partnering with one of the top solar financing companies in Phoenix is a must. To get started on your sustainable energy project, assess the following top solar financing companies in Phoenix to find the partner for you.

Top Solar Financing Companies in Phoenix

AVANA Capital

The team at AVANA Capital is dedicated to improving the environment and supporting community growth throughout the Valley. As a result, AVANA uses its 18 years of experience in lending to niche industries to offer flexible solar financing options. AVANA ensures that financed projects not only boost your company’s value but also provide future generations with clean energy. Clients who partner with AVANA are required to meet the solar financing company’s Triple Bottom Line in renewable energy. The TBL requires clients to measure the economic value, and social and environmental impact a project has. To provide the most flexible options to clients, AVANA Capital has numerous types of solar term financing options. In particular, clients can take advantage of a Sale-Leaseback, which is available to those who aren’t able to monetize potential tax credit. By and large, AVANA Capital’s team remains passionate about giving clients the best financing possible. Thanks to this hands-on approach, AVANA Capital is known as one of the best solar financing companies in Phoenix. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is a solar company located right in Phoenix, Arizona. The solar financing company offers installation and financing services to clients in Arizona. By working with top lenders in the industry, Alternative Energy provides adjustable options for clients to take advantage of. For example, the solar financing company partners with clients with a FICO score of 650+ to provide loans with terms of up to 20 years. Website: Phone: (480) 744-1803


For nearly 50 years, SunLeander has worked with homeowners and businesses across the nation to provide fitting financing solutions. The solar financing company has unique Energy Efficiency Loans to make your solar financing experience effective and timely. Various programs that SunLender has financed include solar PV systems, retrofits, and more. Website: Phone: (408) 766-9475


Dividend is a solar financing company that provides both residential and business solar financing solutions. Specifically, the financing company has a commercial PACE financing to fit various business needs. Dividend structures its PACE loans for solar projects, water efficiency, and office insulation projects. Thus, the solar financing team has in-depth experience when it comes to providing the best solution for clients. Website: Phone: (844) 805-7100

SunRenu Solar

If you’re looking to finance your entire solar project or just one portion of it, SunRenu Solar is ready to help. The solar financing company’s team works with clients to strategize the best solar financing vehicle for your needs. Some financing options that SunRenu offers include solar leasing, Power Purchase Agreements, and Energy Service Agreements. Website: Phone: (855) 767-5551

Harness Solar Energy in the Valley of the Sun!

Ultimately, finding the right solar financing option for you starts by first knowing the needs of your project. Understanding the requirements of your project is important to finding a fitting finance solution. Then, once you know your project’s needs, you are more than ready to partner with one of the top solar financing companies in Phoenix! Related Articles