Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in San Antonio

  • June 19, 2020

The solar energy revolution is sweeping the nation! As of 2019, the United States has the potential to produce enough energy to power every 1 in 11 homes. One major city that has seen incredible solar growth is San Antonio. According to the city’s CPS Energy, the city increased its solar capacity by an incredible 26% in 2018. A major motivator for San Antonio residents to go solar is the solar rebates offered by the city’s CPS Energy. For commercial and residential projects, CPS has $15 million designated for solar rebate funding, as of 2018. By and large, San Antonio is the ideal location for a variety of clean energy projects! First, though, finding the right funding for your project is essential. Consider partnering with one of these top solar financing companies in San Antonio below to locate the support your project needs.

Top Solar Financing Companies in San Antonio

AVANA Capital

For nearly two decades, the team at AVANA Capital has partnered with a variety of businesses to support their sustainability project goals. With a focus on niche industries, AVANA is dedicated to stimulating growth and preserving the capital in communities across the nation. Clients who are looking for clean energy financing with AVANA are required to meet a Triple Bottom Line, or TBL. This TBL requires clients to assess a project’s economic, social, and environmental value and impact. In other words, clients must ask what value their project offers their community in numerous aspects. Therefore, AVANA ensures that its financing options provide long-term benefits for the environment and the client’s business. Thanks to the client-tailored approach that AVANA Capital utilizes, it is known as one of the top solar financing companies in San Antonio. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Solar Electric Texas

The team at Solar Electric Texas provides clients in San Antonio and nearby areas with innovative solar financing options. Partners of the solar financing company are provided with cost-effective solutions when switching to sustainable energy. Financing options from Solar Electric include a 15-year loan term that promises a solar lifespan of 25-plus years. Website: Phone: (210) 802-4222

Dividend Finance

By financing projects across the United States, Dividend Finance is experiencing in helping clients with their solar project needs. The loans that the solar financing company provides include its EmpowerLoan, EmpowerPlus, and other beneficial options. These loans are flexibly structured so that a client receives the most from their sustainable investment. Thus, loans with Dividend allow clients to go green without worrying about factors such as pre-payment penalties. Website: Phone: (844) 805-7100

Freedom Solar Power

At Freedom Solar Power, its team has worked with many clients to provide unique solar financing solutions. Thus, the solar financing company understands that the right finance option depends on the needs of a client. Clients that are looking for a quick return versus those that want to spread out financing over the long-term will require different types of loans. With Freedom Solar Power, clients can choose from Power Purchase Agreements, Solar Leases, Capital Leases, and other financing options. Website: Phone: (877) 792-1643


LightStream is a financing company that has experience in funding numerous projects with varying industries and goals. One of the many sectors that LightStream provides financing for includes solar. In addition, the financing company also offers clients solutions for home improvement or auto financing needs. When applying for solar financing, clients of LightStream can have their loan funded as soon as the day they apply. Next, the financing company allows clients to determine the terms of their loan so that it best fits their project timeline. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals in the Lone Star State

In the end, the best way to find the right financing for your solar project is to determine your project needs. What is the estimated timeline of your project? Are you looking to build or improve on existing solar initiatives? Later, when you have a clear understanding of your needs, you can then determine what funding your project requires. Additionally, you can easily partner with one of these solar financing companies in San Antonio that best fit your needs. Related Articles: