Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in Virginia

  • June 19, 2020

Virginia is the 20th largest solar state in the U.S., with 291 megawatts of cumulative solar capacity installed. The omnibus energy bill signed into law in 2018 encourages the growth of renewable energy in the Commonwealth by designating 5.5 gigawatts of solar and wind energy to be in the public interest and initiating a process to modernize the state’s power grid to make adoption of renewables easier. Renewable and solar energy providers can reap the benefits of this law such as cost savings, low emissions, and state and federal incentives. If you are a renewablesolar energy provider looking to take advantage of the new law but wondering where to get the money to do it, here are the top six commercial solar financing companies in Virginia that can help renewable energy providers find the right financing programs.

AVANA Capital

With more than 4 years of industry experience in renewable energy, AVANA Capital has been committed to bringing businesses unique solutions to meet its clients’ solar needs. AVANA Capital firmly believes that a business shifting its operations to renewable energy will not only improve our environment, but it will also create value for companies, their investors, borrowers, and the overall economy. AVANA Capital remains one of the best solar financing companies in Virginia due to its commitment to finding solutions for renewable energy.  Their team of solar specialists has the expertise to provide you with the following types of term financing: Sale-Leaseback, Conventional, US Department of Agriculture (REAP), and USDA Department of Agriculture (B&I). Additionally, AVANA Capital has flexible financing terms, which are longer than standard amortizations and they have the capability to fund projects that range from $2M to $50M with the ability to work with multi-site bundles of any size.

SunPower Commercial Solar Financing

SunPower acts as an extension of your business to secure and negotiate the best payment or financing solutions for your solar projects. They are an independent third-party facilitator, dedicated to helping you receive the most attractive rates with fair and competitive contract terms. Whether you are a large manufacturing plant, a small family business or a solar power plant, SunPower can solve your financing issues. SunPower’s commercial solar financing has a 100% success rate and can offer you a number of reputable financiers who are prepared to fund your next solar project. Their team of consultants will evaluate your current situation and recommend the best option for you to maximize your investment. They pride themselves on providing you with a seamless experience due to the relationships they have forged with solar investors.

Virginia Community Capital

Virginia Community Capital strives to create a clean energy future for Virginia and our planet. They have a number of clean energy lending programs that are focused on providing you with the financing you need in order to achieve your business’s solar goals while remaining in your budget. With their PPA they are able to scale their client’s projects as well as provide small businesses with solar power systems. Virginia Community Capital has the capabilities to fund up to 90 percent of the purchase price, as well as offer loan terms that range from five to fifteen years.

Solar Five

Solar Five has a dedicated team of industry professionals who have partnered with trusted businesses and federal agencies to provide exceptional customer service for those who are in need of solar financing. They believe your business deserves tailored solutions to fit the needs of both your finances and your building and will not settle for anything less than great. Solar Five currently uses third-party financing partners to offer you reasonable financing packages in order for you to maximize the benefit to your organization. Since they are dedicated to your organizations’ future growth, they intend to provide you with attractive financing options so you can leave those mounting energy bills behind.

Green Solar Financing

Green Solar Financing makes transitioning to solar easier than ever before with their host of financing solutions that are tailored to meet every unique situation. They have a number of top lenders that they work with to ensure you receive the federal, state, and local incentives you deserve. In order for you to stay within your budget, Green Solar Financing will make sure they understand your business’s goals so they can create a plan that fits your criteria. Their team of commercial loan professionals are here to assist you whether your business decides to purchase a solar power system from Green Solar with cash or you would like to finance using one of their flexible loan options. They pride themselves on having competitive commercial pricing due to their long-standing relationship with equipment manufacturers and lenders.

The Choice is Yours

Now that you have an understanding of the top solar financing companies in Virginia, it is up to you to decide which one is right for your business moving forward. Before you choose, make sure you have clear goals in place so you can determine who can best serve you and your expectations.

For more information about how we can help with your solar financing needs please contact AVANA Capital to find the right term of financing for you. Help is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at AVANA Capital  and one of our experts will be in touch with you.