Top 4 Wind Energy Financing Companies

  • October 21, 2020

The wind energy industry has gained great momentum. As of 2020, the United States had installed more than 59,900 utility-scale wind turbines.

There are numerous benefits to consider when investing in wind energy. Wind energy projects help your company produce sustainable energy. In addition, investing in certain wind energy projects also makes you eligible to receive federal and state wind energy financial incentives.

To begin planning your wind energy project, it is important to find the appropriate wind energy financing option. Are you looking for financial capital to cover the cost of construction equipment? Or, are you in need of an equipment financing solution?

Examine the following top wind energy financing companies to find the right partner for your project.

Top Wind Energy Financing Companies

AVANA Capital

For over two decades, the team at AVANA Capital’s mission has created job growth by supporting clean energy development. The expert lenders at AVANA Capital combine industry and financial market expertise to create flexible lending solutions.

AVANA Capital’s loans are uniquely structured to aid clients throughout the project’s acquisition, development, and construction stages. Thanks to this industry knowledge, AVANA’s team can custom-tailor solutions to address a client’s needs.

Some of the available renewable energy financing types include construction financing, equipment financing, and development capital.

With a customer-centric financing approach, AVANA Capital is known as one of the nation’s top wind energy financing companies.


Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130


CIT is a national bank that helps clients empower their financial journey and business success. The organization’s team finances projects in a variety of industries. In addition to power and energy financing, CIT also provides solutions for commercial, industrial and healthcare projects.

CIT partners can receive senior secured debt financing for wind power and energy projects. Additionally, the organization aids clients as an arranger of secured loans for renewable power projects.


Phone: (855) 462-2652

Macquarie Group

The Macquarie Group helps finance projects that power homes, businesses and communities with resources across the energy spectrum.

The lending firm offers bespoke financing solutions to individuals and businesses looking to advance their projects.

Macquarie’s services cover various areas of focus, including the energy industry. Partners of Macquarie can benefit from solutions such as principal investments, where Macquarie invests alongside the client. This gives a customer transaction certainty and helps to realize their project goals.


Phone: (212) 231-1000

Marathon Capital

Over the past five years, Marathon Capital has closed more than 50 renewable energy transactions. The financing company takes on the role of a client’s leading advisor and investment banker. This allows Marathon Capital to work closely with project investors, developers and business owners to support their sustainability goals.

In addition to working in wind energy, Marathon Capital is also engaged in other sustainability sectors. The firm actively works with clients in solar, geothermal, biofuels and more.

Marathon Capital partners benefit from the firm’s project finance and tax equity advisory practice. The firm’s team uses its industry and financing experience to guide clients through their important project decisions.


Phone: (312) 989-1350