Jagu Patel

Office Manager
Office: USA
Phone: 623.552.3847
Fax: 623.321.6171
Email: jagu@avanacapital.com

Jagu works as an Office Manager with AVANA Capital. Her duties include all aspects of running the office while assisting in various areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources, all banking functions, and any other areas where she’s needed. She looks forward to new assignments, as everyday there is a new lesson or skill to be learned.

Before joining AVANA in January 2014, Jagu engaged in a few businesses of her own. In 1992, she owned and operated a Hallmark Card and Gift Shop in Long Beach, CA She gained a lot of knowledge over 4 years of running the business–everything from hiring staff, controlling inventory, marketing and all other details of operations. Starting in 1996, Jagu took a break to be a full time mom and describes it as one of the most rewarding job positions you can have. Later, In 2001 she started DDM Furnishings, where she met with clients in their homes and helped with furniture and décor selections. Her last business venture before joining AVANA was Kahaani Wedding Design in 2004. Here she continued her passion in décor and helped clients create beautiful and memorable weddings and special events. All of her business ventures have expanded her knowledge in so many areas and she’s proud to bring them all to AVANA Capital.

Jagu has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from California State University, Long Beach.

Typical Jagu: Works during the day, mother in the afternoon, and chef in the evening. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Past Itineraries: Touring Europe, cruising the Mediterranean, relaxing in Greece, and exploring India. My favorite getaways are the beaches of Cancun and Hawaii with my family.

Passionate About: My husband and our 3 amazing children, chilling at home playing games, eating great food and watching movies.

Guilty Pleasure: Full body cabernet, unique cheeses, and dark chocolate.

Personal Motto: "Only do what your heart tells you" -Princess Diana

Favorite Quote: “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.” -Albert Schweitzer.