Indranil Banerjee

Senior Credit Analyst
Email: nil@avanacapital.com

‘Nil’ Banerjee is a seasoned professional with over 22 years of all-round experience in finance, accounting, business management, small business lending, and construction monitoring & project management. At AVANA, he brings a rare combination of practical experience including his work in the construction sector, heading the accounting department for multiple companies, SBA underwriting, construction software development, and compliance audit.

Before joining AVANA Capital, Nil held many roles including CFO of a multi-million-dollar construction firm. He has worked for companies in India, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. His on-the-job experience in various fields has proved invaluable as he approaches each transaction in a forensic manner.

Beyond being an Associate Chartered Accountant (equivalent to CPA), Nil has earned a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation and is registered as a member of National Associate of Realtors in the United States. He also received diploma certification from NAGGL (National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders) in SBA Lending.

Typical Nil: He’s tough and buff, but very family-oriented, and is in love with his 7-year-old daughter, who is a carbon copy of him.

Past Itineraries: Tiger watching in Sundarban, India. Traversed the spider infested, 350-meter-long, 40-meter-high walkway canopy in Kakum, Ghana…with his arachnophobic wife.

Passionate About: Indian food, Wolverine, and suitcases.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolates

Personal Motto: Try till you succeed

Favorite Quote: “If you fall once, get up. If you fall twice, get up. If you fall for the third time, tie your shoelaces!” -Unknown