Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in Asheville NC

  • June 19, 2020

North Carolina is quickly becoming one of the best states to go solar! The state was ranked second only to California for most solar energy added in 2017 and looked to increase the solar market with various new incentives in 2018. For example, one unique solar energy incentive can be seen in the city of Asheville, NC. There, residents of Asheville can receive a rebate on their building permit for both commercial and residential solar installations. So, if you’re a business owner in Asheville, now is a great time to start your solar project! Nonetheless, before you can begin your project, your first step is to find the right solar financing option. To help you get started on the path towards going green, consider the following top solar financing companies in Asheville, NC.

Top Solar Financing Companies in Asheville, NC

AVANA Capital

For the past 18 years, the team at AVANA Capital has helped numerous small businesses across the nation achieve their goals. Utilizing experience from working in niche industries, AVANA Capital provides clients with in-depth industry knowledge and flexible loans that meet unique business needs. Specifically, the solar financing company ensures that its clean energy financing options are easily adaptable as well as environmentally conscious. In other words, AVANA Capital is dedicated to supporting projects that help improve the environment as well as the surrounding economy. Thanks to the personalized approach that AVANA Capital takes when supporting clean energy projects, it is known as one of the top solar financing companies in Asheville, NC. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Green Solar Technologies

Green Solar Technologies works with businesses across the nation to help them transition to solar. The solar financing company works with the top lenders to combine federal, state, and local incentives into a custom-made solution. Additionally, Green Solar works to adapt available financing structures to work with a client’s given budget. For example, clients can choose from purchasing solar power systems with cash or opt for a flexible loan financing option through Green Solar. Website: Phone: (844) 556-1380


Greenzu understands that solar energy projects come with unique and complex requirements. Additionally, the solar financing company has experience in developing both the legal and financial aspects of a solar project. Thus, its team uses this experience to guide clients through the right solar financial decisions. Some examples of the projects that Greenzu’s services cover include solar PV, lighting retrofits, and energy efficiency finance packages. Website: Phone: 1(877) 959-8816

Borrego Solar

At Borrego Solar, its team works to maximize the value of a client’s resources by providing the right commercial solar financing options for them. By providing solar financing options through Borrego Solar’s preferred partners, the solar financing company can provide clients with solutions that promise the best value. Some examples of Borrego Solar’s financing options include Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs and Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE. Website: Phone: 1 (888) 898-6273

Wunder Capital

Wunder Capital believes in providing clients with a transparent and timely solar financing process. Thus, the solar financing company works with clients to ensure they are educated during the loan application process. Plus, clients can check Wunder Capital’s in-depth diligence documentation to understand best what will be required of them throughout the loan process. Website: Phone: (720) 460-9825

Go Green With the Right Solar Financing Option For You!

By and large, the most important step in finding solar financing is first to determine the needs of your project. For example, what is the size and scope of your project? Are you looking at solar energy options on a small or larger scale? Questions like this can help you understand the financial needs your project may require. Once you understand your project’s needs, you are ready to partner with one of the solar financing companies in Asheville, NC! Related Articles: