What is private credit?

We define private credit as a category of debt financing that involves lending outside of the traditional banking system. Specifically, our opportunities start through our direct lending efforts in commercial debt. Our commercial loans take on various forms, including construction, bridge, renewable, cannabis, and owner-occupied financing.

Why invest in private credit?

Private credit can be a powerful complement to traditional fixed income strategies, offering incremental income generation, portfolio resilience, return enhancement, and diversification. The current economic climate has created a once-in-a-decade lending environment. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates at record-breaking speeds in an effort to address inflation. Rapid rate increases have destabilized markets, increased economic strains across the system, and fueled a liquidity crisis. However, these factors have combined to create an ideal environment for private credit investments.

What role does private credit play in the economy?

We believe private credit plays a significant role in the financial ecosystem by diversifying funding sources, supporting economic growth, and providing an alternative avenue for both borrowers and investors outside of traditional banking channels. Through private credit, we support both borrowers and investors to fulfill our propose of delivering and preserving, “Capital for a Better Tomorrow.”


Why work with AVANA?

We have a 20+ year track record of providing private credit. Our solutions provide an attractive option for borrowers who seek flexible terms, a customized financing solution, and/or who may not meet the rigorous criteria of traditional lenders. For investors, the diversity of the loans we provide carry different types and levels of risk and can generate a range of returns commensurate to that risk.

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The Industries AVANA Capital Serves

Decades of experience in niche industries gives our lending specialists the edge they need to create comprehensive funding solutions within complex and dynamic markets.

Hotel Lobby


Extensive experience in mitigating risks and evaluating complexities within the hospitality market provides an advantage in financing hotel projects.

Coffee Shop Front - Commercial Real Estate

Owner-Occupied Real Estate

Decades of commercial real estate lending expertise and a nimble approach provides us with the ability to adapt to market changes and customize a loan that aligns with your business goals.

Renewable Energy

Flexible financing options for complex deals allow us to provide timely funding solutions for your energy project.