Bridge the Finance Gap

Commercial bridge loans from AVANA Capital are commonly used to finance a particular immediate opportunity (usually commercial property) These loans can be used to “bridge the gap between” a current need for funding and a more permanent financing solution.

Commercial bridge loans are used to purchase real estate or fund a renovation project while a business is actively arranging long-term financing. These are short-term loans within repayment terms between 12 and 36 months.

AVANA Capital provides bridge loans for hospitality real estate, healthcare facilities, retail stores, restaurants, and other facilities. 

Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you with a commercial bridge loan from AVANA Capital. This interim form of financing can give you access to the capital you need to thrive while securing more permanent financing. 


Fast Financing Solutions for Property Purchases and Repositions

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Opportunistic or Auction Purchases
  • Property Improvement and Repositioning
  • CAPEX & FF&E Financing
  • Discounted Payoff Financing
  • Debt Consolidation & Recapitalization
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Lending That Assures Certainty of Execution

AVANA Capital helps entrepreneurs act quickly with timely closings and for commercial bridge loans.

Many commercial bridge loan lenders have lengthy approval and closing processes. AVANA Capital prioritizes a fast closing process with our commercial bridge loan program, enabling entrepreneurs to make swift, informed decisions. Interest-only payments for up to three years help our borrowers keep more cash on hand to handle other expenses, allowing their purchase to generate revenue before principal payments are due. Take advantage of a discounted purchase option, refinance opportunity, or note purchase with a lending solution designed around your needs.

Customized Loan Structures for Fast-Moving Markets

AVANA Capital finances up to 75% of the as-complete value of the project for 12-36 months so you can focus on repositioning the project and improving performance. Our commercial bridge loan structures provide low monthly payments and competitive rates alongside an expedited approval process.

Secure Short-Term Commercial Financing Solutions

Pre-approval in as little as 3 days

Low interest-only payments for 12 to 36 months

Competitive commercial real estate bridge loan rates

Closings within 10 to 30 days

AVANA Capital offers the best commercial bridge loan rates and terms for business owners and entrepreneurs. We ensure quick approval and closing times so you can take action. 

Our Niche Industry Expertise

A Long-Standing History of Innovative Lending Solutions

AVANA Capital provides an unprecedented level of market experience that enables quick decision-making for our borrowers.

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AVANA Capital provides hotel brand conversion, opportunistic acquisition, and debt consolidation solutions for the hospitality industry.

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Owner-Occupied Real Estate

Our team develops fast financing solutions for commercial real estate that help business owners meet their goals.

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Renewable Energy

As firm believers in the triple bottom line we create nimble financing solutions with long-term benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bridge loans a good form of financing for commercial real estate?
Yes, bridge loans are an excellent way to finance a commercial real estate purchase while looking for a long-term financing solution. Bridge loans are meant to “bridge the gap” in funding for commercial opportunities that may arise.

What are common types of bridge loans?
Bridge loans are commonly used to purchase multi-family homes, office buildings, retail stores, hotels, motels, self-storage facilities, and other commercial real estate.

What should I look for in a bridge loan?
For commercial bridge loans you should consider interest rates, loan amounts, approval and closing timelines, terms, fees, lender reputations, and prepayment incentives. AVANA Capital provides high-quality bridge loans that are time effective and have favorable terms.

Explore Your Financing Options

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Commercial Bridge Loan Projects with AVANA Capital

AVANA Capital Provides $65 Million In Financing For Tallest Modular Construction Hotel in the world

AVANA Capital Provides $65 Million In Financing For Tallest Modular Construction Hotel in the world

842 Enterprises needed a lender that not only believed in the family’s vision, but also understood the nuances of modular construction and its benefits.

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3 Common Commercial Bridge Loan Risks

Looking for a loan for your commercial real estate project may seem too complex at first. However, understanding various commercial bridge loan risks is important to finding the right solution for your project. Then, you can knowledgably narrow your search down to find the perfect loan for you. 

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