commercial real estate loans

SBA 504 Loans


SBA 504 loans are designed to help small businesses owners purchase commercial real estate and equipment. Benefits include long-term repayment schedules, as well as fixed interest rates that are set well below traditional market interest rates.

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Construction Loans


Construction loans help seasoned entrepreneurs expand and build out franchised hotels, multi-use office space, or assisted living facilities. They begin with interest-only payments, enabling the business to begin operations before principal payments are due.

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Bridge Loans


Bridge loans are a unique funding solution that enables entrepreneurs to act when time is of the essence and execution is key. These short-term loans are ideal when purchasing distressed properties or for taking advantage of repositioning opportunities.

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  • We’re grateful that AVANA Capital helped us with a financing package that not only allowed us to purchase the property, but to have the flexibility to make improvements as well that will make it an even better experience for travelers.

    Bret and Patricia Wirta

    Papago Inn

  • The complexity of the project is not something all lenders understand easily...this is a $25 million project. This took a lot of creativity from the lending perspective.

    Mark Davis

    HiFive Development Services

  • I’ve known AVANA a long time and they delivered once again. This deal really is what this country is all about. You want to expand your business? You want to help a community’s economy? You find the tools you need to do it and you patiently put the pieces in place. That’s what AVANA helped us to do, as they saw the same potential in this project as I did and the whole AVANA team helped us execute.

    Narender Taneja

    JJM Group Hotels


AVANA enjoys the company of some of the most prestigious brokers in the commercial real estate mortgage lending sector. We welcome inquiries from all brokers–from those who are seasoned to those who are transitioning from residential lending to commercial lending. Brokers are protected and compensated on a mutual agreement with the client on each transaction.

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Our Lending Process


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AVANA Capital’s debt fund allows direct funding into all SBA 504, Construction or Bridge loans. AVANA Capital is not a licensed SBA 7(a) lender. In instances where the borrower qualifies for SBA 7(a) mortgage financing, AVANA will help facilitate the underwriting and processing with a partner bank. AVANA Capital is licensed in California under DBO license number 603K752 and in Arizona under CBK license number 0921662 and headquartered in Glendale, Arizona. AVANA Capital can lend nationwide on real estate transactions up to $30MM in size in specific niche industries.