Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in Austin

  • June 19, 2020

As of 2019, the state of Texas is one of the top five states that have seen the greatest increase in solar energy generation over the last ten years. Additionally, Austin, in particular, has fast become a leader in harnessing solar power. By and large, if you’re looking for a place to start your solar project, Austin’s renewable energy industry is flourishing! However, your first step towards a successful solar project is getting the right solar financing option. To help you get started on your solar project, consider the following top solar financing companies in Austin listed below.

Top Solar Financing Companies in Austin

AVANA Capital

AVANA Capital’s team has 17 years of experience in partnering with small businesses across the nation. Additionally, the solar financing company has experience lending to specific niche industries. AVANA Capital utilizes its in-depth industry knowledge to provide the best financing option to clients. AVANA Capital’s solar financing options are flexible as well as environmentally conscious. Essentially, AVANA Capital champions the Triple Bottom Line standard. This standard asks clients to evaluate their economic, environmental, and social values when planning a solar project. Thanks to the Triple Bottom Line, a client understands their financial needs in-depth once they’re ready to partner with a solar financing company! With its hands-on approach to financing renewable energy projects, AVANA Capital is known as one of the top solar financing companies in Austin. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Alba Energy

Formed in 2013, Alba Energy is a solar provider and financing company located in Texas. This solar financing company has a team of solar industry professionals dedicated to providing the best customer experience when going solar. Alba Energy provides solar for residential homes and commercial solar options to clients in Austin as well as other cities across the state, such as Houston and Dallas. With this solar financing company, clients are promised rates that are locked in and stable for 25+ years. Overall, Alba Energy assures clients that switching to solar can help save your business money and provide 25 years of worry-free savings. Website: Phone: (800) 238-3112

Freedom Solar

Freedom Solar offers full end-to-end solar solutions as well as any assistance with a client’s project management. First, the solar financing company consults with clients to begin their customized proposal. Plus, Freedom Solar provides a detailed analysis of cost and savings, which includes applicable Texas tax credits and rebates. Next, Freedom Solar works with clients to design unique solar projects and, most importantly, provide necessary financing options. This solar financing company also takes advantage of the solar tax credit in Texas. This tax credit allows 30% of all solar energy installation fees to be subtracted from your federal income tax payments. Some of the financing options provided by Freedom Solar include cash purchase, as well as operating leases that allow you to return the solar system once your lease is over. Website: Phone: (877) 792-1643


Dividend is a solar financing company that has experience partnering with clients all across the United States. Along with residential PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, financing, Dividend provides commercial financing as well. In addition to renewable energy, the solar financing company also provides financing for projects focusing on things like seismic upgrades or water efficiency. With commercial PACE financing, clients put no money down and access long term loans with fixed interest rates. All in all, the team at Dividend is dedicated to helping companies implement energy upgrades that increase their property value. Website: Phone: (844) 805-7100

Wells Solar

Wells Solar has made over 3,000 solar installations all across Central Texas in the past ten years. The solar financing company has been voted as the #1 turnkey residential solar installer and is also rated A+ by the BBB. Wells Solar provides a number of affordable programs when going solar in Texas. Some financing options include loans, PPAs, as well as leases. Additionally, clients can make outright purchases and have no monthly payments to worry about. Website: Phone: 1 (833) TX-WELLS

Create Sustainable Growth with the Right Solar Financing Option!

In the end, it’s important to know what your solar financing needs are. For example, what type of project are you planning? Are there any important budget factors you should take into consideration for this project? Once you know your financial needs, you’re more than ready to partner with one of these top solar financing companies in Austin! Related Articles