Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in Los Angeles

  • June 19, 2020

Renewable and solar energy providers reap benefits such as cost savings, low emissions, and state and federal incentives. Additionally, when businesses take the first steps towards a sustainable future, they encourage others around them to do the same. Ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations to come should be the single driving factor for brands to switch to solar. By using one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet, companies can achieve this goal. Here are the top five commercial solar financing companies in Los Angeles that can help renewable energy providers find the right financing programs.

AVANA Capital

In 2016  AVANA Capital added the solar and renewable energy financing to its industry verticals by conceiving creative solutions that will benefit both their clients and our environment. AVANA Capital believes that renewable energy will create value for companies, their investors, borrowers and the overall economy. AVANA Capital’s team of industry professionals has the ability to provide you with flexible terms on your loan which are longer than standard amortizations. They have the capacity to fund projects that range from $2M to $50M with the ability to work with multi-site bundles of any size. The type of term financing AVANA Capital supports includes sale-leaseback, conventional, US Department of Agriculture (REAP), and USDA Department of Agriculture (B&I).

Wunder Capital

With the help of Wunder Capital’s commercial solar financing, your business will no longer have to worry about paying the hefty electric bills each month, When you convert to solar power, you allow your business to control its energy costs and increase profits. Wunder Capital provides you with flexible tailored financing offers that are transparent and innovative ensuring your projects will be completed on time and within your budget. Their team of representatives offers a fair and competitive price while holding themselves to a high standard for technical expertise and project management. When you choose Wunder Capital you can expect easy online applications, solar underwriting, non-recourse collateral requirements, education & sales tools, as well as fast closing times.

Seminole Financial Services, LLC

Seminole Financial Services exceptional team of finance experts are driven by creating lasting relationships that rise to the highest level of satisfaction. They pride themselves on maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards while delivering their services in a personal, family-like manner. They offer inventive solutions that meet their clients’ renewable energy needs along with lowering cost, risk and shorten time to closing. By using their specialized renewable energy finance programs they are able to provide construction loans, mini-perm loans, permanent loans, USDA REAP loans, etc. What sets Seminole FInancial Services apart from the competition is that they have funded over $1.6B of capital for 900+ MW worth of projects. Additionally, they are able to provide construction and permanent debt for renewable energy projects ranging from 1MW – 25MW.

Live Oak Bank

When your business chooses Live Oak Bank for its renewable energy needs, you can expect to maximize your investment and savings as a result of only making minor changes in the way you operate. Their number one goal is to provide you with better loan terms while ensuring you receive the very best renewable energy solutions. They understand that it can be tough to find financing partners who are willing to offer a first-class lending-experience, but Live Oak Bank is here to change your perceptions. Live Oak Bank offers up to 25-years fixed rate financing options and various other deal structures to fit your business’s unique renewable energy financing needs. You can expect to receive favorable terms while streamlining your process with their construction financing options. Their team of trusted advisors experts in USDA-guaranteed financing for solar in all communities nationwide including rural.

REC Solar

With 20 years of solar experience, REC Solar has been providing its customers with strategies that are focused on reducing operating costs. Equipped their Power Purchase Agreement, REC Solar will customize, design, and install solar systems for all of their clients. If you are interested in reducing your long term energy costs without making a significant up-front cash outlay REC Solar offers leasing solutions that ensure your financial objectives are taken into account. REC Solar understands that the future is equally important, so they have backed their systems with warranties and guaranteed solar savings that keep you in mind every step of the way.

Make the Call

Now that you have some information about the top solar financing companies in Los Angeles, it’s up to you to decide which one is right for your business. Before you choose a company to work with make sure you know exactly what your business needs to be successful. Outlining your needs will help the consulting process move along smoothly.

For more information about how we can help with your solar financing needs please contact AVANA Capital to find the right term of financing for you. Help is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at AVANA Capital and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.