Top 5 Solar Financing Companies in San Diego

  • June 19, 2020

It should come as no surprise that the state of California is a leader in solar power. According to DSIRE, a database for information regarding incentive programs and policies for renewable energy, there are over 150 options for California alone. It’s no wonder, then, why there are many solar financing companies in San Diego—the state’s second most populated city. In addition to state incentives, federal incentives encourage businesses to start going solar. Thanks to the extension of the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) phase-down, solar is an ever-growing investment. By 2020, there’s predicted to be a 73% increase in the deployment of solar nationwide. Join the growing solar energy movement in San Diego! Reference the top five solar financing companies in San Diego below to get started on your commercial solar project.

Top Solar Financing Companies in San Diego

AVANA Capital

With nearly seven decades of combined credit experience, AVANA Capital provides pragmatic customer service and exceptional project financing. AVANA Capital believes that sustainable energy creates value for companies, investors, borrowers, and the economy. For this reason, AVANA Capital added solar and renewable energy financing to its industry vertical in 2016. Solar financing companies often fund projects anywhere from $2M to $50M. Additionally, the team’s industry experts can negotiate multi-site bundles of any size and provide flexible loan terms that are longer than standard amortizations.

Dividend Finance

Dividend is a team-driven renewable energy financing company. They are dedicated to giving their clients finance solutions through a detailed list of options. This list of options includes their trademarked EmpowerLoan™. With this loan and others like it, Dividend gives property owners the chance to turn solar energy into an investment. Dividend Finance and their loans are available across the nation thanks to their unique online portal. Therefore, Dividend is a well-established option for those in search of a solar financing company in San Diego.


SunLender, as well as its affiliates, is one of the few solar financing companies in San Diego with a long history in the industry. Starting in 1973, SunLender has provided financing options to homeowners as well as solar contractors and installers alike. Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, the team at SunLender knows that solar loan clients want an uncomplicated experience. To achieve this, they provide clients the freedom to choose what finance option is best for them. Some of those options include their SunLender loan as well as their SunLender lease. With these two options, clients can either choose to purchase their solar system outright or lease it for a reasonable purchase at a later date.


EnergySage is a unique company because they are completely online. What makes them stand To elaborate, the solar companies tool EnergySage Marketplace provides you with access to information for solar financing quotes in your area as well as installers near you. out as one of the top solar financing companies in San Diego is their network of solar installers. For clients, this portal is free to use for solar-interested shoppers while solar installers pay a small participation fee. EnergySage remains unbiased when it comes to installers. This allows them to partner with hundreds of installers and provide the best option for their clients.


LightStream is the national online consumer lending division of SunTrust Bank. While they have loans for many different pursuits, they also have loans that focus on solar financing. They offer flexibility when it comes to repayment by offering their clients the choice, if applicable, to repay anytime between two and 12 years. Additionally, they offer clients the ability to choose their loan’s funding date. With LightStream’s application process, clients can share their preferred funding method, as well as relevant bank information. By completing this application and going through the approval process, clients can receive funding quickly. This quick funding process promised by LightStream is meant to help in making the loan process uncomplicated for their clients.

Step Into the Future of Solar Financing Today

Take the first step to utilizing sustainable energy with these top solar financing companies in San Diego. Partner with a solar financing company that simplifies the lending process, and meets your solar project needs.

For more information about how AVANA Capital can help your business make the move into solar power, contact them today. One of their specialists will be able to answer whatever questions you may have.