Combining Industry and Financial Market Expertise

AVANA Capital provides project developers and their tax equity partners with lending solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the industry and market needs. Our renewable energy lending products include pre-development, development, equipment, construction and mini-perm financing, as well as distressed debt acquisition.

Types of Renewable Energy Projects Financed by AVANA Capital | Avana Companies

Energy Efficiency Projects

Municipal, Commercial, and Industrial

Community Solar

Solar Combined with Energy Storage

Utility Scale Solar

Types of Renewable Energy Finance Loans Offered by AVANA Capital

  • Construction Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Pre NTP Development Capital
  • Development Capital

Loans Uniquely Structured for Renewable Energy Projects

AVANA Capital’s lending experts think outside of the box to deliver customized financing solutions for complex clean energy projects.

With extensive experience providing financing for construction, equipment and development of clean energy projects, AVANA Capital offers solutions to address challenges at any stage of the process. Our loans are specifically tailored to the needs of each project.

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Combining Industry and Financial Market Expertise

AVANA Capital’s lending experience in the clean energy market enables renewable energy finance solutions that are flexible, efficient, collaborative and results-oriented. Our team supports your business model in a dynamic environment thorough industry expertise, and the flexibility to navigate any potential complications.

Solutions that Meet Renewable Energy Finance Goals

Flexible financing solutions to acquire, develop and construct projects

Limited and flexible
third-party costs and partners

Fast solutions to
help developers meet tight timelines

Programmatic solutions that can be duplicated for repeat developers

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Renewable Energy Finance Solutions

AVANA Companies Named as One of the World’s Top ESG Fintechs

"AVANA Companies is honored to be recognized by ESG Investing, an organization that holds ESG firms, researchers and products to the highest standards,” said Sundip Patel, Founder and CEO of AVANA Companies. “While ESG has recently gotten more attention across industries, it has been ingrained in the AVANA culture for 20 years.


Leading ESG Firms G&S Solar and AVANA Capital To Partner on Over 50 Commercial Rooftop Community Solar Projects

G&S Solar, a leading clean energy and real estate development company, and AVANA Capital, an entrepreneurial lending company providing financing solutions for small to medium-sized clean energy developers, are pleased to announce their agreement to partner on the development of over 50 rooftop community solar projects in New York.

AVANA Capital Creates Jobs, Improves Air Quality and Enhances Sustainability with $22MM in Funding for Biogas Facility

AVANA Capital is focused on both stimulating the U.S. economy through job creation as well as developing clean energy sources across the country. Through projects like these, AVANA Capital promotes and supports the use of renewable energy solutions, expanding the impact of clean energy in the lives of American citizens.

Flexible Financing and Quick Decisions Results in $8.4MM Land and Construction Loan for Clean Energy Farm

SolRiver planned to develop a solar farm to provide Portland General Electric Company with electric power for their customers in Oregon, and needed a financing partner through which they could secure funding to both purchase the land and build the project.

AVANA Capital Provides $39MM Energy Efficiency Construction Loan to Complete Energy Savings Contract for Florida School District

Generate Capital required an experienced financing partner in a very specialized field. Currently, not many lenders understand the complexities related to financing energy efficiency projects and, thus, finding a qualified financing partner, like AVANA Capital, was critical to the success of the project.

Keystone Power Holdings case study

AVANA Capital Provides $1.7MM Equipment and Construction Loan for a Solar Project that Will Power a Wastewater Treatment Plant

This project was important to Keystone, as well as the City of Freeport, Illinois. The municipality planned to use this project to power its wastewater treatment plant, lowering the overall electricity costs for the city.

Renewable Energy Finance FAQs

What renewable energy finance solution is right for me?
To find the right solution, consider the needs of your project. Determine what kind of renewable energy project you’re investing in. Then, consider the needs of that project, such as equipment or technology needs.
What is a solar power purchase agreement or PPA?
A solar PPA allows you to buy energy generated from a system at your facility that is owned by a separate financier. At the end of the agreement, you have the option to purchase the system.
What is Avana Capital’s Triple Bottom Line?
At AVANA Capital, we are firm believers in the concept of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
where companies need to measure the economic value of a project and the social and environmental impacts.
What renewable energy finance structures are available to me?
AVANA Capital has experience with inverted lease structures, partnership-flip
structures, sales-leaseback structures, pre-ntp financing for equipment purchases and distressed debt, and project acquisitions.