Top 5 Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders

  • June 19, 2020

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, finding a timely financing solution is central to your business’ success. By and large, there are numerous different types of commercial real estate loans to consider. Let’s say you are looking to purchase and renovate a distressed hotel property and want to understand how to finance a hotel in this context. The most appropriate loan option would be a bridge loan. Before you can take advantage of this loan, however, you must first find the right lender for your needs. To determine the right financing solution for your needs, consider some of the top commercial bridge loan lenders across the nation listed below.

Top 5 Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders Nationwide

AVANA Capital

For over 185 years, the team at AVANA Capital has supported the growth of numerous communities across the nation by partnering with small businesses. With a focus on niche industries, AVANA brings in-depth experience of its team to meet each client’s unique needs. As the needs of each client differ, so does the loan they require. For this reason, AVANA offers various commercial loans with flexible terms to best suit what a client is looking for. Specifically, the structure of AVANA Capital’s bridge loan is built around the time-sensitive needs of any given client. So, those in need of intermediate financing can receive as much as 75% of the as-is value of purchase within 12 to 36 months with AVANA. Thanks to the personalized and hands-on approach that AVANA takes with each client, it is known as one of the top commercial bridge loan lenders in the nation. Website: Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130

Bloomfield Capital

Bloomfield Capital’s team understands that urgent financing needs should be met with an immediate response. The commercial real estate financing company prioritizes commercial bridge loan opportunities. In addition to being a direct lender and capital partner, Bloomfield specializes in loans for various asset types. For example, Bloomfield has worked with projects involving hospitality and office properties. Website: Phone: (248) 745-1700

Socotra Capital

Socotra Capital has worked as a hard money lender in the commercial lending industry for a number of years. Thanks to this experience, the financing company creates loan opportunities to meet the growing needs of investors. The typical loan terms available for clients can vary from 6 months to 20 years. In addition, loan amounts range from $100,000 to $12 million. Website: Phone: (855) 889-7626

Clopton Capital

Clopton Capital is a commercial mortgage broker that offers fast capital solutions to companies across the country. Some examples of the projects Clopton has funded include refinancing, rehabilitative construction, and more. With a wide network of lenders in the United States, Clopton offers accessible bridge loan opportunities to its clients. Website: Phone: (866) 647-1650

Park West Capital

When looking for an innovative and prompt loan process, businesses can consider partnering with Park West Capital. Typical property types that Park West has funded before included student housing projects as well as industrial properties. The loan terms clients can expect with Park West are loan amounts up to $100 million as well as a 1 to 4% commitment fee. Additionally, the loan terms with Park West range from 1 to 3 years, depending on a client’s project timeline. Website: Phone: (800) 969-4901

Heighten Your Success With the Right Financing Solution

In the end, when planning any commercial real estate project, choosing the right financing option is one of the most important steps to undertake. Nevertheless, your first step to finding the right financing solution is to understand the needs of your project. For instance, what is the estimated timeframe of your project? What kind of commercial real estate resources, such as machinery or personnel, does your project require? Once you fully understand your project’s needs, you are more than ready to partner with one of these top commercial bridge loan lenders. Related Articles: