AVANA Companies Named as One of the World’s Top ESG Fintech’s

  • December 13, 2021

ESG Investing Awards 2022 announces short list of finalists from a record-breaking amount of entries

Glendale, AZ (December 10, 2021)— AVANA Companies, a family of ESG lending and investment platforms, was selected as a shortlisted finalist in the Best ESG Fintech Product category for the ESG Investing Awards 2022. The awards are organized by ESG Investing, the leading global media platform on ESG and sustainable investing. This year’s awards celebrate the best in Environmental, Social and Governance investment funds, research and products, marking AVANA and its new Fintech products LendThrive™ and EqualSeat™ as leaders in their category.

“AVANA Companies is honored to be recognized by ESG Investing, an organization that holds ESG firms, researchers and products to the highest standards,” said Sundip Patel, Founder and CEO of AVANA Companies. “While ESG has recently gotten more attention across industries, it has been ingrained in the AVANA culture for 20 years. From day one, I wanted our company to be one with purpose, as I believe it is possible for CEOs to achieve a balance between people, planet and profit.”

AVANA has been committed to investing in projects in America with environmental impact such as clean energy powered by solar, biogas and wind. On the horizon potentially, are future investments in battery storage and remediation of gas stations to be EV charging stations.

From its infancy, it has been AVANA’s mission to create jobs in underserved and secondary markets in the United States. These construction and skilled trade jobs have a positive social impact in communities. AVANA is a champion for gender equality and pay across all their global offices. The company is currently at roughly 60 percent men and 40 percent women with an initiative toward achieving an equal balance in the near future. AVANA’s goal is to continue its global footprint and has recently made inroads into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under their Ezdaher brand.

AVANA deliberately adheres to corporate governance with full transparency across their investments. AVANA has a diverse board of advisors inclusive of both men and women from several different ethnicities. While all their team members speak English, AVANA is a global company that is fluent in 20 total languages.

“In today’s economic landscape where businesses are facing many challenges, we’re so appreciative of our customers who go the extra mile to have a positive impact on their communities and the environment. We’re proud to play a role in their growth and prosperity,” says Patel.

To address the growing financing needs of small businesses across the world, AVANA Companies recently launched LendThrive™, an ESG micro-lending platform, to promote business growth, stimulate local economies and generate clean energy while giving entrepreneurs access to capital. AVANA’s newest product, EqualSeat™, will launch at the beginning of 2022. EqualSeat was created to allow the underrepresented retail investor to have an equal opportunity to co-invest with institutional partners that work with AVANA today. 

“We have seen an enormous response to the awards this year which demonstrates the continued growth of ESG investing not only across products and funds but also across regions with the awards seeing a significant rise in U.S. entries,” said Matthew Clements, Co-Managing Editor of ESG Investing, in the announcement detailing the finalist selection.

The ESG Investing Awards 2022 are the only awards devoted to assessing and evaluating the best companies involved in all areas of ESG investing across the globe. The award categories are assessed by a panel of judges comprised of financial market professionals, academics and independent experts. The shortlist of finalists was announced in early December and the winners and runners-up will be announced February 1, 2022. To learn more about the ESG Investing Awards 2022, visit www.esginvestingawards.co.uk/awards. To learn more about AVANA Companies and the work it does in the communities it serves, visit www.avanacompanies.com.

About AVANA Companies

The AVANA Family of Companies (AVANA) is dedicated to stimulating local economies and contributing to clean energy development across the United States. Founded in 2002 by brothers Sundip and Sanat Patel, it is a family of ESG lending and investment platforms that serve entrepreneurs and investors. AVANA’s ESG lending is done through AVANA Capital, LendThrive™,and Extensia Financial and ESG investments through AVANA Fund and EqualSeatTM. The company’s goal is to empower American small businesses by providing ESG focused loans and investment opportunities that are impactful, socially driven and preserve wealth. AVANA is headquartered in Arizona and serves small business owners and investors across the United States and globally. AVANA invests in the communities it serves, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and contributing to sustainable projects. AVANA Capital, LLC is licensed in California under DBO license number 603K752 and in Arizona under CBK license number 0921662. To learn more, visit www.avanacompanies.com or follow on AVANA Companies on LinkedIn.



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