AVANA’s Unique Investment Opportunities

  • July 12, 2023

For over 20 years, AVANA Companies has dedicated itself to helping investors, businesses and communities flourish. Our avenue for doing so is a suite of lending and investing solutions that help build and protect wealth.

When it comes to our investment opportunities, there’s a plethora of reasons why AVANA stands apart – reasons that go well beyond our above-market returns. 

Let’s take a closer look at how AVANA Companies partners with investors and drives unique results.

Uniquely Attractive Investments

To invest with AVANA is to forge a partnership anchored in trust, transparency and integrity. At the center of that partnership are private credit investment opportunities that can offer greater yields than equities. 

How? AVANA Companies funds carefully selected commercial loans made to highly qualified borrowers. Investors are then given the ability to invest in that debt and receive reliable, risk-adjusted returns in the form of monthly payments.

AVANA’s investment approach diverges from the conventional practice of reserving investor funds with the expectation of gradual and uncertain long-term appreciation over several years or decades. This traditional strategy entails higher risks, diminished personalized oversight, and limited social and environmental influenceto name a few. However, AVANA’s investments serve as a countermeasure to these risks.

Speaking of social and environmental impact, that’s another key distinction for AVANA. Our purpose as a financial entity is to deliver “Capital for a Better Tomorrow.” So, we focus on investments that create a positive social and/or environmental ripple effect that benefits local communities, job creation and business growth. More specifically, to date approximately 60% of our projects were made to minority and/or women-owned businesses and roughly another 15% were for renewable energy projects. Our dedication to impact dates back to our inception, so we’ve always been ahead of our time in this niche.

Today, investors are making a much more concerted effort to put their investments to work making the world a better place for generations to come. We love sharing this connection – even passion – with them.

Additionally, from a diversification perspective, AVANA is unmatched. For savvy investors, that’s key.

Sundip Patel, our Co-Founder and CEO says, “You’ve got loan diversification. You’ve got geographic diversification. You’ve got duration diversification and rate diversification. Investors want and should have that. With AVANA, they get all of it.”

A Personalized, Safeguarded Approach

Because our approach starts and ends with relationships, we’re dedicated to transparency, personalization and empathy. It’s a unique – even unconventional – approach to investing, we know. But that’s what makes us so appealing to investors and so successful in investing. It’s part of how we can achieve such compelling figures, including target net returns of 7% (unlevered) and a 5-year loss rate of .32%.

“We’re small,” says our Chief Financial Officer Michael Tansley. “We’re not an institutional player, but we provide that same level of service. Everything we do is geared to making things more efficient and effective for investors and employees.”

Our small size allows for a higher level of transparency that’s simply unavailable at larger institutions. Through a customized portal, our investors know exactly where their money goes and have access to all information related to the investment, from the carefully vetted borrower/loan type to all data related to the investment’s returns. Investors are empowered by making their own decisions about their funds, then delighted to receive transparent communication and ongoing oversight by the seasoned AVANA team. From that standpoint, it quickly becomes clear to our investors that our team safeguards those funds as if the funds are their own.

AVANA’s Co-Founder and Chief Lending Officer Sanat Patel adds, “I put myself in the shoes of an investor. They want to know you care about their money as much as you care about your own money.”

Because AVANA was started with and continues to operate with our founders’ family funds, he makes another compelling point: “My interests and their interests are in perfect alignment because I’m putting my money at risk at the same level they are putting their money at risk.” 

Investing Together

“Creating a positive social and environmental impact is our guiding purpose,” says Sundip. “We’re very conscious and deliberate about what we do for society.”

Because we understand a broader substantial, sustainable impact is possible via more investors, our investment opportunities aren’t just for the high-net-worth. We’re also working to make a better tomorrow for all types of investors.

When investing with AVANA, the retail investor and institutional investor invest alongside each other. Even if the investment amounts vary, they’re co-investing at the same yield and at the same fees/costs. We’re proud to say this opens so many doors, both to investors and to social/environmental consciousness.

Our investors share our affinity for that consciousness. They’re looking for returns, yes. But they also want those returns to foster prosperity for other people, communities, and the planet. We’re fortunate that together we can create an impact that drives so much good. Doing so with less risk and superior returns is the cherry on top. 

Interested in investing together? Learn more about our investment opportunities by calling or emailing us at 602.903.7414 or inquiries@avanacapital.com



About AVANA Companies

AVANA Companies is a comprehensive impact lending and fractional investment asset management platform serving entrepreneurs and investors. Comprised of a dedicated and diverse team with a unified mission – to create jobs, stimulate economies and contribute to clean energy – AVANA’s Family of Companies is focused on supporting American businesses and providing impactful, socially-driven investment opportunities that preserve wealth and create growth.