Seeing Around the Corner: Industry insights for Q1 2020

  • April 1, 2020


Our primary focus at AVANA Capital since our founding has been to preserve:

To preserve our clients’ businesses and the jobs of the teams they employ, and to preserve the fixed income investments our valued asset management clients entrust us with. As we navigate an environment that is both challenging and unprecedented, we remain steadfastly committed to standing by our borrowers and investors, and supporting them through the new hurdles that they will face. We welcome your calls and emails, and look forward to productive conversations that will help us collectively adapt, recover and focus on a new path forward. At AVANA, we value you and your partnership above all else and remain devoted to supporting the success of your business through both times of prosperity and uncertainty. It is our goal to work in the spirit of partnership with you and for your business to come out of this chapter positioned to thrive more than ever before.

“Despite the strides that Fintech has brought to mobile and web banking, payment platforms, lending and financing, assets and capital markets, there is a need for these ventures to be grounded by the discipline and structure of traditional banking in order to provide a more secure path for consumers and investors.”

Opportunity for Expansive Stewardship and a Level Playing Field for Investing

Shifting market conditions, new regulations and technology innovations have been changing the landscape of finance for some time. The Fintech sector – technology-based financial products and services that disrupt the industry by making existing processes significantly better – has brought new efficiencies, convenience and greater access to banking, and has oftentimes reinvented services that have been static for centuries. With this tremendous shift, banks have had to adapt to digital transformation within themselves and partner with Fintech entities as well.

Navigating the New Era of Fintech

Despite the myriad benefits that Fintech offers, most digital financial services were born after the great recession and have not benefited from the lessons learned from difficult times. Many suggest that Fintech models should also be tested the way the Federal Reserve requires banks to test and validate their capital models. READ THE ARTICLE

A young and successful Texas-based small business owner approached AVANA Capital with what inevitably became an incredibly complex yet opportunistic financing opportunity in the Houston market. The Borrower had previously been very successful in building a gas station portfolio and was looking to leverage his business expertise through a new venture in the hospitality industry. READ THE CASE STUDY      

SolRiver planned to develop a solar farm to provide Portland General Electric Company with electricity for its customers and needed a financing partner through which they could secure funding to both purchase the land and build the project. This was a time-sensitive project, as the option to purchase the land was expiring within a couple of weeks. The developer knew that they needed to secure financing quickly or the project would fall apart. READ THE CASE STUDY      

Thought Leadership Podcast:

The State of Modular Construction Industry. PLAY PODCAST WITH KYUNG KIM

AVANA Capital is pleased to announce the successful closing of BonHon I, the first in a series of U.S. hospitality-focused bond funds to be offered by the company. This fund was oversubscribed, surpassing its initial fundraising target by nearly 30%. PORTFOLIO INFORMATION



“We were very pleased that we found in AVANA Capital a partner that believes in our vision and has the understanding of conventional and modular construction for a large project like this one.”

Brad Wagstaff  |  President  |  Mogul Capital