AVANA Companies CEO Recognized by Phoenix Business Journal

  • May 20, 2022

Sundip Patel, CEO of Arizona-based financial company, selected as a most admired leader.

Glendale, AZ (May 20, 2022) –AVANA Companies, a family of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lending and investment platforms, is pleased to announce co-founder and CEO, Sundip Patel, has been recognized as one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s Most Admired Leaders in 2022. Patel oversees the LendThrive™ and EqualSeat™ platforms for lending and investment, respectively, focused on supporting sustainable growth in communities. LendThrive™ was created to provide frictionless capital to small businesses in America while EqualSeat™ was created to democratize the returns from the small business loan investments.

Throughout his career, Patel has earned a reputation as an innovative leader in the investing and financing industries. With his passion for making financial services and products more accessible to underrepresented communities, he has grown AVANA Companies to include unique financial platforms that reach diverse people around the globe.

“I’m grateful and humbled that the Phoenix Business Journal has recognized me as a Most Admired Leader, I am truly honored to be included in this group of committed business and community leaders,” says co-founder and CEO of AVANA Companies, Sundip Patel. “I’m also grateful to my team for their support as we continue to evolve as a company and serve our clients. Throughout my career, I have always had a passion for serving small businesses and preserving the individual wealth of investors.”

AVANA provides growth capital and resources to support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across the country with the intent of helping small and medium developers build and manage new energy projects. With extensive experience in providing financing for construction, equipment, and pre-development for clean energy projects, AVANA offers solutions to address challenges at any stage of the process. Its loans are specifically tailored to the needs of each project.

About AVANA Companies
With $1.3B AUM, the AVANA Family of Companies  (AVANA) is dedicated to stimulating local economies and contributing to clean energy development across the United States. Founded in 2002 by brothers Sundip and Sanat Patel, it is a family of ESG lending and investment platforms that serve entrepreneurs and investors. AVANA’s ESG lending is done through AVANA Capital, LendThrive™, and Extensia Financial and ESG investments through AVANA Fund and EqualSeat™. The company’s goal is to empower American small businesses by providing ESG-focused loans and investment opportunities that are impactful, socially driven and preserve wealth. AVANA is headquartered in Arizona and serves small business owners and investors across the United States and globally. AVANA invests in the communities it serves, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth and contributing to sustainable projects. AVANA has recently been named to the 2021 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-GrowingPrivate Companies. AVANA Capital, LLC is licensed in California under DBO license number 603K752 and in Arizona under CBK license number 0921662.


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