Top 5 Mezzanine Finance Companies for Real Estate

  • December 9, 2020

Interest in investing in the commercial real estate industry continues to grow. According to Deloitte’s industry outlook, loan demand in the industry remained strong despite banks tightening their CRE lending standards.

As a result, project managers have begun partnering with specialized financing firms to take advantage of various unique funding options. One option that continues to rise in the CRE industry is mezzanine financing.

Mezzanine financing works in commercial real estate financing as a financial gap solution. Let’s say you’ve covered 60% of a project’s cost with a bank loan and another 25% with your cash equity. To address the 15% gap in the project’s funding, you can turn to mezzanine financing instead of looking for another bank loan or raising more equity capital.

By and large, mezzanine financing can aid businesses in achieving their CRE goals through timely financial support. The first step in obtaining this solution is finding the right partner. Consider the following top mezzanine finance companies to find a partner that best aligns with your project’s needs.

Top Mezzanine Finance Companies for Real Estate

Edgewood Capital Advisors

Edgewood’s provides a number of loan programs including the Mezzanine Lending Program which is designed to offer borrowers additional funding for ground-up development projects and transitional assets. Their lending team has experience working with senior lenders to ensure there are no issues with inter-creditor documentation and that each deal is properly structured.


Phone: (203) 255-1700

NewSpring Foundation

NewSpring Foundation provides finance solutions to clients through four distinct strategies. These strategies focus on areas such as growth capital, healthcare, holdings and mezzanine financing. The mezzanine finance company has experience partnering with business owners either individually or with other financial investors. The transaction types that NewSpring provides solutions for include liquidity, refinancings, management buy-outs and more. In addition, NewSpring delivers unique insights into focus industries like business and customer services and niche manufacturing and distribution.


Phone: (610) 567-2380

Prime Commercial Lending

Prime Commercial Lending has experience partnering with low- to mid-market companies in need of mezzanine financing solutions. The financing company provides clients flexibility through several finance structures. Some of these structures include subordinated debt with or without warrants and equity investments in a client’s business. The CRE projects that Prime Commercial Lending has worked on previously are business acquisitions, growth capital and management buyouts.


Phone: (866) 708-4755

Global Capital Partners Fund

The team at Global Capital Partners Fund is dedicated to providing additional funding to clients that need quick and seamless solutions. As one of the top mezzanine finance companies, Global Capital works with clients with a proven track record. Additionally, the financing company’s objective in commercial financing is to provide long-term value to its partners.


Phone: 1 (800) 514-7350


FinanceBoston is a relationship-driven commercial real estate capital advisory firm that partners with business owners across the country. The financing firm provides partners with industry insights and commercial real estate debt and equity financing solutions. The FinanceBoston team offers mezzanine financing as a strategic solution to bridge the gap in a client’s project funding.


Phone: (617) 861-2050


Avana Capital: Fast and Flexible Equity Financing Alternative 

With over 150 years of combined experience, the Avana Capital team aids borrowers to find appropriate equity financial solutions. By specializing in niche industries such as commercial real estate, Avana Capital provides partners with unparalleled industry insights.

When partnering with Avana Capital, the financing firm’s team takes the necessary time to understand your business’s complexity. What is the goal of your CRE project? What is your project’s expected timeline?

Avana Capital creates a fast and flexible equity financing solution that best aligns with your unique needs with this knowledge. In addition, the Avana Capital team guides you through the entire loan process.

This guidance helps ensure your business gains the support necessary so your CRE project can succeed. Thanks to Avana Capital’s commitment to providing impactful financing solutions to clients, it is known as one of the top mezzanine finance companies in the United States.

Phone: 1 (877) 850-5130