Acquisition - $14,200,000
9-Story Office Building
Long Island, New York, USA

Loan Details

Loan Amount $14,200,000
Loan Purpose Acquisition
Loan Type Office
Project Date October 1, 2022

More Details

Led by Trevor Terpening, the team at Extensia Financial Credit Union developed favorable terms for a $14.2 million loan to be used for the purchase of the $21.5 million property. The building is considered among the most affordable high-quality office spaces on Long Island with an attended lobby, café, energy efficient windows, and beautiful views.

“Extensia Financial is proud to partner with businesses that want to have a positive impact on their communities by investing in properties, renovating buildings to be more efficient, and creating jobs through long-term initiatives,” says Trevor

Terpening, vice president of originations at AVANA Company’s Extensia Financial.

“Our team has a rich history of developing favorable terms for office building acquisitions like this one that align with AVANA’s commitment to revitalize communities.”

This deal supports Central Islip community as the buyer is planning major upgrades to the building and property. The surrounding neighborhood is comprised of multi-family apartments, retail, office, and government buildings that will benefit from this long-term investment.