Rate & Term Refinance - $3,450,000
Industrial Property in Franklin
Franklin, OH, USA

Loan Details

Loan Amount $3,450,000
Loan Purpose Rate & Term Refinance
Loan Type Conventional CRE
Project Date December 23, 2021

More Details

About Extensia Financial LLC
Extensia Financial (Extensia) is one of the most seasoned credit union organizations (CUSOs) focused on commercial real estate. Established in 1998, Extensia is an ESG customer service-driven organization connecting credit unions with commercial real estate brokers, commercial mortgage brokers and local investors through participation lending of socially responsible projects. Extensia partners with credit unions to diversify their lending portfolios, expanding credit union lending programs beyond their communities and mitigating concentration risk while increasing their loan to share ratio. Like its parent company AVANA, Extensia Financial strives to impact communities with clean energy projects that boost economic growth and jobs. The company is headquartered in Simi Valley, California. To learn more, visit www.extensiafinancial.com or follow Extensia on LinkedIn.