AVANA Capital: The Perfect Partner for Commercial Loan Brokers

  • November 15, 2022

Partnering with AVANA Capital enables commercial loan brokers to provide their clients with the dependable financing they need to achieve their goals. With AVANA Capital’s customizable borrowing solutions, brokers can match their clients’ capital needs to financially responsible loans that protect their interests. Our team of expert lenders specializes in minimizing closing times and facilitating the successful completion of the loan process.

Commercial loan brokers looking for an experienced partner turn to AVANA Capital for our industry-leading expertise and unwavering commitment. Continue reading to learn more about AVANA and our available financing options. 

AVANA Capital’s Mission 

We strive to strengthen communities at AVANA Capital by funding entrepreneurial projects that create new jobs and opportunities. As a lender focused on the social impact that financing has on innovation and community development, we finance projects that grow local economies and support clean energy solutions.

With an established track record of successful investments in the clean energy, hospitality, and commercial real estate sectors, AVANA Capital works with commercial loan brokers to provide their clients with the type of financing that turns the dreams of today into the realities of tomorrow. Our industry-leading expertise and first-class customer service allow us to guide you through any challenges or project complications by offering fast and effective solutions.

Our mission, our purpose, is to provide capital for a better tomorrow.  

AVANA Capital’s Expertise

The team at AVANA Capital has more than 150 years of combined commercial lending experience. We specialize in supporting industries that include the following.


With 20 years of expertise in hotel financing, our team understands how to overcome the obstacles that can arise during hotel construction. We work alongside brokers and their clients until a project is completed by providing continuous support to address any issues.

AVANA Capital offers three types of commercial real estate financing options:

  • Bridge loans: Commercial bridge loans are used to purchase real estate or fund a renovation project while a business is actively arranging long-term financing. These loans can be used to “bridge the gap between” a current need for funding and a more permanent financing solution.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans: We provide SBA 504 loans for borrowers to use in growing their businesses. From acquisitions and building improvements to expansion and partner buyouts, AVANA can provide the capital clients need to meet their goals.
  • Construction loans: Our customizable construction loans provide borrowers with the flexible funding they need to complete their projects from start to finish. By offering low down payments, shortened closing times, and the option to roll over fees, we help prevent liquidity problems from developing.

With a proven record of working with 41 hotel brands and providing more than $800 million in hospitality financing, AVANA Capital is the dependable partner clients need for their next construction project.

Renewable Energy

Our lending experts understand the renewable energy market and what it takes to succeed in this industry. We’re ready to assist you at every stage of project development with customized solutions tailored to the demands of the clean energy sector.

AVANA Capital offers four types of renewable energy financing options:

  • Construction financing: Whether it’s for new development or renovation, we’ll provide the funding your clean energy project needs to get off the ground.
  • Equipment financing: Purchasing specialized equipment can leave the buyer short on available cash. Our financing options allow clients to acquire the necessary equipment without overextending their resources.
  • Pre-NTP development capital: We can provide financing to cover the initial startup costs of a solar development project before you receive a notice to proceed.
  • Development capital: AVANA Capital remains committed to promoting community growth through loans designed to aid development projects that add jobs and improve local economies.

Owner-Occupied and Commercial Real Estate

We provide flexible funding options for purchasing, renovating, or refinancing commercial real estate property. AVANA Capital works to align your financial goals with your business strategy so the project receives financing that meets your schedule.

Our commercial financing options include the following:

  • SBA 504 acquisition
  • SBA 504 construction
  • SBA 504 refinance
  • Construction and expansion
  • Conventional
  • Bridge loans
  • CRE

Why Work With AVANA Capital?

At AVANA Capital, we strive to create lasting partnerships built on mutual trust and respect with commercial loan brokers. When working with our team of lenders, you’ll know that your client’s needs will always remain our top priority.

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses and make a real difference in their communities. Our team of industry experts wants to set you and your clients up for success by providing reliable and flexible financing options designed to meet the goals of any project.

Connect with an expert to learn more about the partnership opportunities available at AVANA Capital and how we can meet the lending needs of your clients.