Prasant Desai

SVP, Healthcare Facilities
Office: USA
Phone: 623.207.9373
Fax: 623.321.6171
Email: prasant@avanacapital.com

Prasant began working in his family’s business in the hotel/motel industry at a very young age, and says “The motel was like a farm, there was always something that needed to be done.”

He joined AVANA Capital in 2018 as the SVP, Healthcare Facilities with the goal of further developing AVANA’s healthcare lending.

Prior to AVANA, Prasant worked to convert a full service hotel to a mixed-use project with 90 senior living apartments and 115 hotel rooms within the same property. From 2010 to 2016, Prasant opened an outpatient therapy clinic with services or satellite locations with independent, assisted living, and Adult Day health centers (20+ locations) in Metro Atlanta. He also started an Adult Day health program with capacity for 65 older adults/seniors with a medical model promoting Person-Centered Care and Aging in Place. Prasant has owned and operated assisted living and hospice facilities since 2002 through opening, acquisitions, and new construction.

Prasant graduated from Southern Miss in 2002 with an MBA and MPH with a focus in Health Administration. He began his healthcare career in the local hospital as a volunteer in 1995, moving on to an orthopedic clinic while in grad school. Prasant has dedicated his career to work in Long Term Care from there on after an Administrator-In-Training at a local skilled nursing community.

Typical Prasant: Prasant is always challenging himself through additional opportunities within the long term care sector and startups where the need is recognized. Prasant likes talking shop and helping his peers develop a knowledge base in the field.

Passionate About: Person-Centered care and improving quality of life for older adults and seniors. Wanting to help change the perspective of what quality care looks like in all healthcare settings and the importance of customer satisfaction.

Past Itineraries: Puerto Rico with his wife Nita. Touring the rainforest, going to Bio-illuminescent Bay and driving to the south coast of the island including hiking through a cave and seeing a radio telescope.

Interesting Fact: Prasant has owned approximately 20 cars and driven about a million miles since getting his license. He believes visiting family and friends is the best part of keeping in touch with those you know.

Personal Motto: Who will remember me? To make a difference - with any persons possible in health and the healthcare business.

Favorite Quote: "Veni, Vidi, Vici", as spoken by Julius Caesar. Though, not in the aspect of war, but in business, based on opportunity and potential for success.